May the Father’s Love be with you each, I am your friend and brother, Jesus. It is so important, the emphasis you place, on your spiritual nurturance. Yes, your spiritual nurturance, your soul’s need for communing with the Father and taking on the Love.

You know this. There is a need for increase in that. If you increase this appetite for the Love, how much more bounty and prosperity will come to you. The faith, the Love and the joyousness that you know has come to you will be manifested that much more. You will be open to that and more if you will only trust in the Father.

You have resisted and tried to make it your own fashion that would bring about the highest good. That has nor lasted long, as you have seen. Yet, you have another splendid opportunity to partake of the wealth and bounty that is here before you. If you will only act in the Love and let the Love be open to you. It is you that needs to open and be prepared.

I share this for you to listen and be prepared with your soul and for your ears to be attuned to your soul’s longings. It will guide you in so many ways, so many avenues, and so many vistas. You will get the support you wish.

Be not afraid of trying something new versus what is old and familiar. This will be a key of you coming into the Light. By coming into the Light, I mean more harmony, peace and less anxiety and confusion.

We have so much in store for you each. If you will only pray and listen more, you will understand that the kingdom is at hand. Open your arms to receive it. You are worthy. We have said this before.

This is a time for feasting, a time for thanksgiving, and a time for glad tidings. I give you glad tidings of joy which are being bestowed upon you in so many fashions. Let not the “umbrella of doubt,” fear, and anxiety keep you from allowing this joy to rain down upon you.

It is here and now that you will receive. Pray more. Do more of the work. You will see this come to you as if knocking on your door. You have been heard and answered. Open the door and welcome all.

We are happy for you. Be happy for yourself. Allow yourself the blessings that we wish to bestow upon you. The Father has many gifts for you to receive. Joyously accept them.

I am your friend and brother, Jesus, who loves you, dearly and comes to you often. I would like to pray with you more. Allow us to work more together in bringing about this New Redemption in the Love. I shall stop for now. Remember what I have said, for it is yours. Receive, accept, and come to know who you really are.