Relaxing the body ~ like going into slumber, my ego disperses, my mind starts to wander,
in search of the truth ~ is there more to life, more than trouble more than strife!
Now released from the chains that bind, I am less in the body and more in the mind,
my true self I am ~ a soul set free, look everybody, its Wendy, its me.
I fly through time, nothing matters no more, no answering phone, no answering door.
I go to a place, home to me, a hill with blue bells and a view of the sea.
I see lots of colours of different hues, greens, oranges, and lots of blue.
I walk bare foot and take it all in, the sight, the sound ~ everything.
I come across a building, a temple of light, I feel so at home, everything is alright.
On entering the building, the temple of light, I’m inside a room that is shades of white.
A feeling so pure overcomes me now, I sence someone behind me ~ WOW.
A being he stands about seven foot tall, glowing and shimmering, no wings at all,
he holds out his arms and beckons to me, “hello Wendy, it is I, it is me,
the person you talk to in the night, the person who tells you everything is alright,
I am the one who walks with you, I am your friend, your guid, your Angel too”.
“What is your name” I ask him gently, “My name, why it’s SERENITY”,
you will feel my presence when you go through that door, I will be with you forever more,
I will help you, I am always near, just think of me and shed no tear,
when you go back to the earthly plain, never again will you feel the same,
your consciousness has changed and is changing still, just look for the beauty and drink your fill,
every morning when you arise, look for the beauty and not the lies,
don’t look for bad things happening around, there’s so much good that can be found,
don’t listen to others, listen to you, for there’s so much for you to do,
do your own thing, go down your own lane, if its wrong then start again,
look at your past, mistakes were few, they were a period of learning for you,
everything was perfect, you just couldn’t see, all you could think of was poor little me!
There’s no going back, your mind is now free, your eye’s are wide open, now you can see,
so forgive yourself and also others, all your sisters, all your brothers,
see them all as learning too, forgive them all, especially you.
Always hold compasion near and go forward boldly without any fear,
everythings perfect, its happening right, now you know, you’ve seen the light.
There’s many a being from all walks of life, all with trouble, all with strife,
share with others what you believe, they may start searching, they will recieve,
you can’t go back to the ways of before, you know to much ~ you enterwed this door.
You understand now, this you can see, I am you and you are me.
Out of the temple I must go, so much wiser than befor,
feeling the blue bells beneath my feet, I go up the hill and take a seat,
breathing the beauty of the view, all the colours of different hue,
then with a sigh I move gently along, to the lifetime I belong,
to forgive myself and also others, all my sisters and my brothers,
to see them all as learning too, to do as I want and not as they do!
I feel his presence with me now, so close, so near, my guide, my angel, my serenity dear.

Copyright 2001 Wendy Dry