I am here Jesus. I ask you to relax and be bathed by the inflowing of the Father’s Divine Love. This is so necessary, not only for your peace of mind, but also, to help render you in a state of openness and receiving. Your cooperation is needed to transform your soul, to allow the progression to happen.

Your soul, (if you can picture it), is like a vast land, in need of nourishment. Allow the bountifulness of the Divine Love to soothe that parchedness and replenish the soil of your soul that may be tilled and made ready for the raining down of the Divine Love to transform your soul into bountifulness and to blossom and give forth its beauty. So, welcome this “mana” to yourself.

Open the windows and closets that have been shut and locked because of fear of discovery of any darkness that you hide. Allow the Light to fill it. Yes, most especially those things that have been hidden – Those things that you are most ashamed of bringing to the light. Allow the Light to shine upon it that you may be transformed. Ask for forgiveness. Let yourself be bare before the Father’s transforming, healing, Divine Love.

You have so much to be thankful for. Allow that Love to spread forth in soothing Light.

I would like you to envision your soul as a crystal formation as being polished and cleansed for the Light to shine forth, in all of its beauty. The cobwebs and debris are being removed. It is being blasted of all its excrements to allow the many facets of light through. It glows with a brilliance that shows that it is a beautiful gem, enhanced in becoming a greater thing of value. It allows the iridescence of the Love that is taken on, to shine forth. The Father’s Divine Love is reflected. It becomes a new thing. Not to be hidden or put on a shelf, but to be readily displayed and in the forefront. You are to remember your value. Find the strength to know your voice and reflect the Gift in all facets of your life.

Do you know who you really are? Come to know your Father who calls you home to Him. Prepare yourself. Our Father truly loves you. Fit yourself to be in His Presence and prepare yourself for the tasks before you.

Let go of transgressions done to you. Let go of those misinterpretations in communication and see everyone as deserving of His Light and Love – and I do mean everyone. For in this frame of mind, it becomes a reality that aligns you in the Truth. You will be a vessel for us to speak the Truth through you. As you get yourself out of the way and allow this Heavenly message to come forth, it will resound with the power of a Heavenly force to vibrate within the souls of man that they hear on a level, (whether conscious or not), the Truth, of which we speak. Be the instruments in this Divine composition. Let the words, music and lyrics reach a pitch that vibrates in them, that they awaken.

I ask you each, to come out of your slumber. Be awake to the Light and Love. Truth is here for you. This is no small thing that we ask. We do ask that you pray more strongly for an increase in your faith, for an increase in the Love to dwell within you and be reflected out – By the thoughts that you hold, by the words that you speak, with the hands that you touch, each and everyone that you meet.

You will be instruments in the Love. If you, with the exercise of your free will, acquiescence and share this Truth, then many souls will be gathered for the harvest of the Father’s Divine Love. You will awaken so many who will have “the scales fall from their eyes” and see the Truth of the Love. You will come into alignment, in complete alignment, that your spiritual nature will supersede your animal appetites in this holy endeavor of the Light.

The Father loves you and wishes you to be healed, in whatever form that takes for you. Feel the Love raining down upon you. Know Its Truth. That part of you that is ascending is that part of you, through the exercise of your free will, are allowing to shine forth and be healed. This is not a half-hearted endeavor, but a 100% commitment on your part. Your acceleration through those spheres of enlightenment will be felt in the quality of your lives and how you allow yourself to be unaffected by the misguided realities of men’s thoughts and actions.

You will hear the “clarion call of your true home.” You will be in this world, but not of this world, with this Love, guidance and acceptance, of the helpmates that Father has given to you, (including those whom you have assisted in sharing the Truths). You will communicate through our assistance in such a way that a chord will be resonating in many souls. Know this to be the Truth and accept It as your own.

Do you have any questions you wish to ask at this time?
What is the spiritual cause of my ear infection?
What is it that you are not hearing? Who are you? How are you listening? Readjust your hearing and listening, in such a way, that you receive, on a soul level, the simple truth. Ask for a healing that you see, into the souls of others, what they are really saying. So that you aren’t caught up in the maelstrom of their negativity and frustration, or your own – We all respond to being accepted. It is hard for some to be loved or to see others as equals, and deserving of the Love.

Ask for a healing on false pride. See what is important. Learn to hear and listen. Actively listen, to the true communication that is there to go beyond the layers of fear and doubt. You are appreciated. You do have value. You make a difference. Don’t take on the frivolities and despair of others. Exercise the right to value yourself. Humbly ask that you see the Truth and to receive the answers. You will align yourself in a force field that allows you to be protected. Do not be caught up in the negativity and false truths of this world. See the goodness and nourish the goodness.

Have I helped you?
Yes, thank you very much. Thank you Master.

You are my brother in the Love and I am with you often. You have helped your parents in their progression. They are here. Feel their love.

We have much work to do. We gladly do our Father’s Bidding. We are grateful for the blessings and the opportunities to pray and to see reflected, in your souls the Divine Love’s acceleration, in each of you.

God’s Mercy and Love be with you each. Remember, during those times of despair, frustration and hopelessness, ask for mercy. You will see a bridge, a promise, for the Father remembers and knows you. You are not forgotten.

These works of the Divine Love are not in vain. Be grateful for the healings that happen. They make it much easier for you and your progression, once you are removed from this coat of flesh.

God’s Love be with you each. I am your friend and brother in the Divine Love, a brother who loves you and has tenderly nurtured your progress, along the path to our Divine Father, who loves you, each.

With His Love I leave you for now. I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, a son who goes about doing my Father’s bidding, as will you, each.