I am here, Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

So many times, I pray with thee and I ask thee to remember the greatness of the privilege of the Divine Love you have in your souls. I ask you at this time to remember that feeling of inflowing into your souls of the Great Love, that joy, that rapture, that peace, that purity. Ask for it to be magnified. Ask that it permeate every aspect of your being. Ask that that feeling stay with you, that you stay conscious of the Love. Ask to be engulfed in that Great Love. Carry that Love with you, allowing your soul to truly be in ascendancy over your minds, your physical bodies.

Concentrate. Ask for mercy. Ask for help. During that great joy, take a moment in silence to really feel that Love, that joy, that peace. You say you want to really feel the Kingdom of the Father here on earth in your plane of existence. That is possible. Allow yourselves to be in the Love. Experience the Kingdom.

It is only during those times when you are not allowing yourselves to be encompassed by this Love that misfortune happens. So, ask yourself to take the time and pause. Ask yourself, ‘Are you in the Love?’ If you are not, you already know how to ask. Pray with soul’s longing to be in a state of grace. You will progress in leaps and bounds.

Remember, if you are in pain and discomfort, you are not in the Love. Ask for mercy. Ask for help. There is so much joy here for you, so much peace and happiness. Turn your thoughts to the Love. Those times that you are in pain and suffering and arguing, STOP. Ask for assistance. We will be here to assist you.

Allow your soul to grow. The more often you do it, the easier it becomes; the higher the level of joy and happiness in your life. I ask you to experiment with this. You already know what it is like to NOT be in the Love and to be unhappy. Let go of pain and resentment. Allow yourselves to be in the glory of the Love. You will see those ailments you suffer clear up immediately. You will see, for there will be more joy and less suffering.

I am your friend and sister, Mary, the mother of Jesus.