Yes, it is I, James Padgett. Yes, you did feel the influence of Jesus. He assists me in coming to you, today. Why is it that so many souls get caught up in the politics and emotional longings of the earth life, after they have experienced the beauty and profound goodness of the Divine Love? Well, I must say that it is because of the tethering of the mind, in terms of, creating another kingdom – Not so much a spiritual kingdom, as it is concerned about the trappings of this world. I say this for you, because we have seen many leaps forward and still, there is a miring of individuals, in terms of the physicality of the manifestation of this Divine Love.

God is not felt in cathedrals. You know this. Yet still, there is that desire. Now, I understand fellowship. I understand wanting to have more earthbound souls coming into the fulfillment of their souls learning of the Divine Love. I say to you, there is more disappointment by those who found the Divine Love in trying to change the free wills of others, than there is in discovery of this Love.

This love is of a soul quality and as such, its manifestations take on a stronger character in lifting souls out of despair. How many times is that forgotten? How many times have we seen that there is a need for acceptance, not from a spiritual point of view, but from a human desire of acknowledgement amongst their peers? I say this to you each, much has been lost by pride. Yes, human pride is the cause of much despair in this movement. It seems to be more important than the fulfillment of a soul’s desire in coming into the truth of this Love. I say this to have you let go of disappointment, because it is man-made disappointment.

We are not disappointed when a soul learns of the Divine Love. We take stock in individual souls. We do not so make a distinction, (as you do), of whether that soul is encased in its spirit body or still has the trappings of the physical shell. I say this for you to understand the nature of this Love. I say this for you to stop throwing rocks at the accomplishments of yourselves or others. I say this for you to understand that we are going forward in our movement of bringing the Divine Love to as many souls as possible. I say this for you to stop weeping over unnecessary “castles in the sky.” I say this for you to understand that this commitment and endeavor in your souls, needs to be focused. I say this for you to begin to let go of your judgments of each other and to understand that the individual relationship of your soul to God and that Divine Love working through you to bring forth more things, will cause you to understand that, every endeavor, if undertaken in the Love, is good.

I say this for you to encourage each other and not pull apart those endeavors that are based in the Love. I say this for you to applaud every effort made in the Love. I say this, for the Heavenly Father loves each soul and is happy when they come together in prayer and earnestly seeking His Love.

So, give thanks to your individuals, who pray for the Love. Give thanks when you find a way to come together in this Love. Give thanks for your collective endeavors in the Love. If you put as much effort into this Love versus judging others, do you know how far you could go, because you wouldn’t care for anything, in terms of how you are and, also, how far you have come, save those that are based in the Divine Love of the Father’s Nature?

So I say to you, if you wish to take on more of the Father’s Nature, let go of judging each other. In a pure heart, extend welcome, extend thanks, and extend the goodness that is allowing you and others to go forward.

Do not think of your plate and how it is fashioned, or how another’s is fashioned. Be aware that you have the plate in which to fill up on the many treasures of the Father’s Kingdom. His Love will fulfill you, if you let go of how you appear to the eyes of men.

Isn’t this an endeavor in Love? Isn’t this an endeavor of being an instrument of that Love? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about what is in your hearts and what the Father sees than in your so-called, “competition?”

I say this for the scales to drop and for you to come forward in all of your beauty. I say this for you each, and all of you, to understand that this is a kingdom that is founded in a Celestial Realm. This is a kingdom that exists beyond this earth in its existence. This is a kingdom of our Heavenly Father’s making.

I ask you each to understand what is important to you. Is it those things that last an eternity? Or is it those temporal things that your mind has fooled you with. Do not be mired down in the concepts of men and understand your souls need to come to the Father. How quickly you come into these spiritual realms is up to you. Waste no more time in squabbling amongst yourselves and pointing fingers.

Allow yourself to be unburdened. Be free and mantle yourself in the clothing of celestial and spiritual aspirations. The Father provides for you each. Be in the Love and I will share with you again.

My love to you each and thank God, our Heavenly Father, has allowed me to share with you. I say this for you to understand that I was privileged to be an instrument. You have the tools. Come forward in the love.

God’s blessings to you each, I am your friend and brother, James Padgett.