I am here John, an apostle of Jesus.

Do you remember where you were when you first began to learn, as a child, about God? Do you remember the wonderment in your soul as you tried to conceive of whom that Mysterious Entity was? Do you remember the purity of heart you had at the time? The innocence, as you longed to find out who this was and touch that relationship. In your soul’s longings, you are as the child you were reaching out to be comforted. Let nothing come between you and the Love of the Father.

Feel yourself surrounded, swaddled in the warmth of peace this Love does bring you. Become conscious of this nurturance that is filling you up. Become conscious of being finally satisfied, your needs being met. Be in this moment, now. Your soul’s longings know from whence it came. Your soul yearns to be in constant contact with the Father. It is only our minds that put up those roadblocks. Ask to remember the way home. Seek it regularly. Bring that Love into your consciousness, your everyday existence. Eat, breathe, sleep, bathe, be, do in the Love.

This is enough for now. Experience the Father’s Love. Stay centered in the Love. I am your friend, John, apostle of Jesus.