I am here, Marcelena.

Do you feel the Love? It is so strong here, now. Allow your souls to be closer to the Father. Pray for this Love without interruption, without distraction. It does not matter what is going on around you, (dogs barking, children playing, or other noises). It is your connection with the Father and your ability to focus your soul, your heart and mind on opening up and receiving this Love.

If there is difficulty in doing this — if you find that you are being distracted, ask for mercy. It does not matter what is going on around you. You still have the ability and the gift to receive this Love in great abundance. You know there have been many on the road ahead of you who have not had as much quiet and peace to pray as you do. They have prayed for the Love in many difficult situations and received it in great abundance. You are truly blessed to be inside, warm, and in a quiet area without the disruptions of other people or the craziness of the world that sometimes comes around. See this as a blessing and a gift.

Take advantage of this time. Truly be here in the Love. When you are truly open to the Love, than you receive it. You know when you are receiving, the Love in great abundance. When you feel the inflowing, the connection, and the alignment, the light and Love is flowing in you. Ask to be in this state. Ask for It to be stronger and more abundant. You will not be disappointed. You know this. Even in your mind, you know this.

So, take some more time now and receive this Love.

With my love and blessings, I am your sister in Christ, Marcelena, who comes and prays with you often. I am so happy that you, as a family, are praying more and more for this Love.