When you come before the Father in seeking His Love, don’t you know how important it is for each of you to lay bare any reservations you have in opening up to a closer rapport to our Heavenly Father? You are so like babes suckling at the breast for the nourishment of the Love. Don’t you see how dear and precious you are to our Heavenly Father? I ask you to let go of all those veils that keep you in bondage. I ask for you to let go of remorse for the past and what might have been. I ask you to let go of anything that makes you say “If only…” I ask for you to fully be in the present and experience the joy that the Father has in knowing that you are growing more closely to Him.

Yes, there are more questions being posed here than we will address. Understand that behind it is your need to join and become At-one with the Father. Feel this Love more deeply in your lives. Understand that the motivation for you each here isn’t so based upon those bonds of friendship or those ties of family, as more strongly it is your souls’ united desire to be suckered into the Love. I say it in that way, as it allows you such a profound satisfaction.

We see the growth of seeds that were long planted bursting into bloom. You, my brothers and sisters in the Love, as you turn to the Light, drink deeply. Let go of all weariness. Let go of any pressures of time. Let go of your expectation of how this is different from all those other times. Be here nestled and provided for in these bonds of Divine Love.

There are many loved ones here. J____, yes we know you feel your C___. She is nestled around you as usual. We know that C___ feels her son, A____. M___, you long for the embrace of you parents. They and many more loved ones are here. What’s important is this. What’s important is that your souls stay in the condition of Love.

I say that it does your soul no good to question the sincerity of others, in how they may get caught up in those arguments of the right way or the wrong way, in which to seek growth of the masses, in the Love. What your responsibility is, on an individual, and mutual collective-level, is in your efforts to exemplify the Love. When you get caught up in judging others remember that. Regardless, if they are misguided or not, the responsibility is still on the individual and their relationship to God.

If you are on sure footing with your relationship and experience that your love is being transformed into the Divinity of the Father’s Divine Love and that integration of the Love, you are exemplifying that Love in all aspects of your being and your life here on earth. Then, you have fulfilled your mission. Then, you are following on the path. You are a chosen one – an apostle, as you exemplify the Love.

In exemplifying the Love, there is no harshness. In exemplifying the Love, there is acceptance and compassion. In exemplifying the Love, you touch with arms of a big brother or sister. You have a compassion and pity for those who are struggling. Let those be the examples you set in the integration of the Divine Love into all aspects of your lives – Not just during services, not just coming together in fellowship, but those moments and in front of those who know nothing of the Love because your love draws them.

This Love is bigger than you. It can be possessed by you and is available to all. With an understanding of the Infinite Capacity of the Father to share this Love, you cannot help but rejoice and be gladdened. All fear and loneliness will be eradicated in this Love. In this Love, you are reunited and healed. You are made whole and complete. You have the understanding that there are greater things to come.

So, acknowledge in this Love the opportunity you have for greater things, (not only to be implanted in you, in utilizing your free will, in conjunction with the greater Will of the Father’s and His Great Plan), but understand that all those wishes that are born of harmony, that are born of Love, that are born of you being greater than the finite limitations of this earth life, will be fulfilled. The Father knows your needs, your wants, your desires and you must know He wants you to be happy.

You are growing and understanding that where you were a month ago and where you are now is caused by an expansion in that Love and the growth of the Love in those around you. So, do not be so caught up in the worry. Do not be so caught up in those trials that keep you in worry, that keep you veiled from the clear vision of the Truth. The Love is here. It isn’t going away. It will not be squelched. It will grow to a greater magnitude than you have thought possible.

You are vehicles of the Love. We, who come here, (yes, there are many more that come here. I have named only a small handful). We, in our capacity to grow in the Love and doing the Father’s Will, will show you greater zeniths than you have thought possible. Yes, your lives will be integrated in the Love so that those questions that you pose will melt in a better understanding and knowledge that you count; that you are recognized; that we acknowledge you; and we stay in good company and will not waste our time on lost causes.

We come through the operation of your will being in harmony. The Father’s Love for you each will permeate everything that isn’t in the Love. Yes,” the yeast has risen” and it is time to partake of the great feast. This is a feast of acknowledgement. This is a feast of greater maturity. This is a feast of Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving to the Father who provides for us all, a thanksgiving and your knowledge that this is but a small fraction of the heights that you will reach.

Yes, it comes with humility – For pride has no place here. It comes with self-love and self-worth. The Father will not have you think that you are less than you are. Let go of the shame. Let go of the rage. Let go of the hate. Let go of those habits that keep you groveling. Let go of those visions that have you look on any man or woman , any being in less than the Father would view them. Let go of the borders. Let go of the limitations. Let go of thinking that you are separate, for you are not.

Feel the Oneness. Understand what we mean when we say to become At-one with the Father. Do His Will and be gladdened of heart. We are family. God provides for His children. Be in the Love. Come to know us each and know your Father best. Come to know yourselves, for you have been strangers to yourselves. Come to know the innocence that was born in you each. Feel the joy that is here to be enjoyed.

With my love I go, but no far. We are watchful over you each.

With my love and blessings, I am your brother in the Divine Love, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens and loving son to our Father who Loves us each.