This message was directed toward our children, but it has just as much value to others.

I am here, Jesus.

You must remember this. Seeking the Love of the Father is never something that is imposed upon you. It is a Great Gift, a gift that has changed the world. It has changed the plight of spirits in the spirit world, as well as humanity. I say it is a gift because it is a gift. For there was a time when it was not available, a time when there was much darkness on the earth, as well as the spirit world.

This opportunity to become at-one with the Father, and this opportunity to know our Creator, was a Great Gift that the first parents turned their back on. If they had not, you would be living in the Celestial Kingdom right now. Think about that. The sorrow, the worry, the pain, the suffering, you would never know it. Yes, you do have a purpose in incarnating on this earth — for the individualization of the soul. You also have a responsibility to come to know who you really are. You and you alone are responsible for the relationship you have with the Father, your Creator.

Yes, you have people and those whom you know as parents, who are helping to assist you, in coming to know this. However, there will be a time when they will not be in your lives. You will be completely on your own. You will be completely on your own, in the sense that there will not be someone to instruct you as to what to do and what not to do, in terms of what you do with your body. Nor try to guide you in what you do, in terms of knowing who you really are, the real you, in nurturing your soul.

This is a time to lay the groundwork. This is a time to build. This is a time for you and you alone, with the gift of your free will, to have the responsibility of nurturing yourself. Understand that you have a dual nature — a physical, as well as a spiritual self. It is your spiritual nature that will prevail long after that physical body has turned to dust. Do you think it is time you learned how to feed it, nurture it and guide it? The responsibility is yours, for you will enter the Celestial Kingdom or you will not. The choice is yours.

You, yourselves need to understand, no priest, minister or parent will save you from yourselves. You and you alone, need to humble yourself enough to ask for help from God. In God’s Mercy, in His Great Love, seeing the repentant soul, seeing that soul that longs to know the truth, and that hungers for the truth, yes, that soul’s prayers will be answered in receiving the Great Gift of the Divine Love. The nourishment that makes you immortal, that transforms you from a mere mortal to an immortal angel.

This does not happen at once. This happens in a progressive state. The more you pray to receive the Love, the more it rids you of those things that are not in harmony with the Father. The more it protects you and strengthens you to be able to face the adversities that are in this world. More peace and joy will come to you. More happiness will come to you. The more you will be in rapport with like souls who wish to know more of the Father’s Love. The more you will experience the Celestial Kingdom here on earth, the greater your joy will be. The more you will come to understand who you really are and get to know us, as well. We are your brothers and sisters, who have just happened to be born before you, who had the great privilege or being nourished and redeemed in the Love. As you pray to receive the Love, we pray with you for a stronger faith, for a stronger rebestowal of the Love, for a stronger hunger and commitment to be in you to know and experience the great joy that we speak of.

This is not a mere lesson. This is not a mere lecture. What I am telling you is the truth. You will come to know it yourself. You have experienced what life has been here when you have not prayed to receive the Love. You have experienced disharmony, pain and suffering. What I am offering to you is a greater inflowing and acceleration of the Love, if you would but take advantage of it.

So, I have presented this experiment for you to pray during those times that you have said. Hence, in the three days, see the difference and the atmosphere that is here. See the difference in the so-called sanctuary. See more light and Love in your lives. See more happiness and joy. See how well you get along with each other, as well as with others. So, I pose it to you. It is your choice. This is but a small, minute, fraction, instant of the joy that is awaiting you.

I hope you will see the wisdom in following my words. May the Father’s blessings be with you.

I am your brother, Jesus.