I wish for you each to come into a greater understanding of the Love. This will be necessary for you, not only in terms of your souls’ development, but also for you staying in a higher spiritual realm of the Love. This will help to insulate you against disturbances from those less developed spirits who will try to challenge what we are endeavoring to put forth. Understand that your spirit band will be with you to protect you.

Be open in sharing the Love. Be sincere. Be true. We have not come this far for you to fail. We will be with you. Ask that your Heavenly Father bless with a stronger desire for being grounded in the Truth. Know that we will be assisting you. Pray for the Love.

I love you and will be with you tonight. I will ask the Father to fill you more deeply with His Love. Yes, I will be with you if you will ask me to come to you. We will speak more of this. So, hold a desire to make a stronger rapport with me before you go to sleep. We have much to talk about.

Feel the Love that is here and how blessed you are, each of you. Call on the Love.

My love and blessings, I am your sister, Mary.