I am here, Jacob. It is time to let go of the personas that you have been wearing as your true selves. Thank God, this mask is starting to crack. Allow yourselves to be vulnerable. Trust that you will be accepted. Know that this is a part of the metamorphosis that is so necessary to dislodge the pain you’ve held onto for so long; the suffering, the transgressions you’ve felt that have gone against you, that have not been acknowledged. Pardon those. Forgive yourselves. Allow this cleansing to happen. This is necessary for you, for you have committed much of your strength to pretending that it isn’t there.

We seek to dislodge these memories, dislodge this aberration, this plague upon your souls, that has kept you from the sweetness. In a way, it has fouled your perceptions of being all that you are. You have no need for this. It is time to cleanse yourself. Cleanse and bathe in the Love. This is only the beginning. The layers will be lifted.

Awaken and rejoice to the springs in your heart; the springs of renewal and replenishment. Allow the Love and the joy to be truly yours; not just some of the times, but all the way down to those layers that most need it, permeating every aspect of your being.

Let your hair down. Arise. This is necessary. Your shoes have been too heavy. This is not your walk anymore. Unlace the ties that bind them. Take off the old habits. You will learn to dance. You will learn to spring in your step. Allow the playfulness that is there.

You’ve said you have had creative blocks. Well, This is how to let go of the blocks. You have said you’ve not had the courage and resources.

Well, this is what will help you tap that well-spring to come forth.

As I said, you no longer need these masks. Allow yourselves to see. You will be not blinded. You will be not deaf. You will see farther than you’ve seen before. You will hear and understand more.

The completion in this Love is not over with, but a new beginning. You have grown. Allow this shell to drop. Spread your wings and fly, and soar. Love and rejoice. The time is now. You count.

God’s blessings to you. I am your loved one, Jacob.