I am here, your friend and brother, Jesus. Well, you were aware of there being several spirits who wished to come together in this forum to share. Yet, we see that there needs to be a greater focus in your life, of your soul exuding the spirit, a redeemed soul, in the Christ spirit. It is not enough for you just to have these services on Sunday. It is not enough to pray during those quiet times that you find solace with our Heavenly Father. What are you doing to implement this Love in the other areas of your life? How are you staying in harmony? How are you letting go of distrust and anger? How are you seeking forgiveness? How are you sharing that with others? What are you doing to keep yourself in a higher consciousness of the Light? What are you doing during those times when you allow yourself to degenerate into a state of disharmony? Are you remembering to ask for assistance? Or are you acting in that state of consciousness to the point where you are not only causing harm to yourself, but to others around you? What are you doing to remember why you are really here? Are you praying for assistance? When that assistance is offered, are you conscious or are you allowing that offering to go by the wayside because you are preoccupied with other things? What can we do to help assist you if you are not open to listening because you have a different agenda?

The Father does provide for His children. Be open to the Love and many things that are before you will be seen in the light of day. It is your choice whether you choose to pick up the offering or leave it on the table.

We are sharing this with you for you to wake up to the possibilities. Feel the Love and know that the Father, our God, has blessed you with many gifts and many talents. It is up to you, whether you implement them for the good or choose to squander and neglect the treasures before you. Understand that a diamond may be “in the rough.” Yet, it is still a diamond and will glow if you polish it.

Give your love and see the many jewels before you. Let go of false pride. Let go of anger. You will ease your suffering and see how beloved you really are. I ask the Heavenly Father that you truly hear what is being said to you.

With my love, I leave you. I am your brother in the Love who holds you dear. Open to the grace, of the Heavens, that have rained down upon you. See the happiness that you allow to abate because of foolishness. Be in the Love.