How pleased we are that you connect in the Love and continue with these services. I know there are times when you wish to see more things happen that exceed your expectations in your progression on this path. Those will come in time. Yet, with your free will, if you wish acceleration in the Love, then you must ask for help in finding those inclinations that have become a habit wherein, rather than pausing and thinking of the consequences of what the spoken word, which has creative force behind it, brings into the reality of the present. You put much into those things, which at times, because of poor judgment, cause a hindrance in spirit that allow those things that are not necessarily in harmony with the Love, to find root and become activated.

During those times when you are challenged, understand that you always have a choice – To proceed in the Love or to allow yourself to go into a less loving habit and activate a cycle of negativity. That only changes the energy and brings forth a negative response that attracts those spirits who are more inclined to feed upon the negativity. In that way, not only are you having a disservice shown to you and your souls’ and their participation in those actions, but other souls as well, are reaping the consequences.

This can perpetuate itself unless you can consciously take control. Ask for mercy to disperse those clouds of darkness and put you in a frame of love that allows a higher truth to prevail. In this asking for help, mercy being invoked and you rising above what could be perpetuating cycle of darkness.

I ask that you more consciously become aware of where your thoughts dwell. Think before you speak. Ask yourself if this is what a redeemed soul in the Light would say? Is this the best way to go about this? If you are not sure, ask for help and guidance. In this way, and with the power of prayer, you will change your thoughts. You will change the energy here. You will have a stronger influence in assisting others to be in the Love.

I am your sister in the Love, Mary, the mother of Jesus. This time of the year, as you know, our beloved Jesus is seeking ways to turn men from thoughts of him, to our Heavenly Father and his purpose, in those many years ago, of being rewarded with being the first soul to be redeemed in the Divine Love. With his help, so many others of us have felt that way, as well, and learned the path to our true homes.

You, who are here, who have been endeavoring with this path over the years, must know that we, who have seen your struggles, who have been through many years of progressing in the Light, can readily be called upon to assist you, if you will only make that choice.

Yes, go directly to the Father and know that your prayers will be answered. Also know that He sends us to assist those along those lines that are not directly connected with the fulfillment of the soul’s need for the Divine Love. Yet, we have our place and purpose in being able to assist you on those causes and endeavors that will help assist this great plan for the Salvation of Mankind.

You must know that we have a vested interest in each of you. In your souls’ transformation into the Love, it swells are ranks with those who are a positive force in changing the hearts and souls of humankind, as well as those whose job it is to assist those in the spirit world, as well.

So, understand, every time you make a choice of being in the Love versus negating the Love, for opening up your soul to receiving and praying for the transformation, you are actively taking a part in the transformation of this plan. As your soul goes into the Love, you will naturally be attracted and tend to go towards those things that will lead to more acts in the Love, more caring about the souls of man, less labeling of people and separating them for their actions.

With the Love, you see the person, though you may not appreciate the action. You help and assist others that they are not what they do. Too many times people, who are caught up in a heinous act, tend to associate themselves with the act and lose sight of who they are and lose faith in that they can be redeemed. They feel that they are lost souls. As lost souls or whom they feel are lost souls, they feel why even bother to try, if this is their lot in life.

We must actively seek to let souls know that there is forgiveness. They need to know that their souls have a higher purpose than just their lives here on this earth. Then they will come to understand that they, during their time here on earth, can take an active role in turning their lives about. Also, their souls, and their potential of growth continues, even on the spirit planes.

Now, while I am not saying that it is right to go out and commit acts that are against the laws of God’s Laws of Harmony, I am saying that the Father forgets not His own. While we have all trespassed in one way or the other, the Father still loves us and is there waiting with open Arms of Love.

If you can turn more hearts towards this fact, what a good healing will happen upon this earth. If you can make men more aware of their souls being their most precious possession and the need for them to come to the Father to receive a steady diet of His Divine Love to purge them from their sins, what a great light will be light in this world of darkness. What a higher degree of harmony and peace will be known to the world.

You must start within your own homes. You must start within your own soul to actively participate in this. Though you may have been said this in different words and upon different occasions, I take this time to remind you of what this time is really about, the Rebestowal of the Love, the Father’s Divine Love and the need for people to be awakened to this Great Gift, the Best Gift that anyone can receive, the Rebestowal of the Divine Love. It will be taken and manifested through a seed of hope into the hearts and souls of every individual.

You who have been nurtured for so many years, think of the legacy of what you will leave behind once you pass from this plane. What do you want to have remembered of you? What would be the best inheritance to give others? If you do not wish to regret the time you have spent on this earth, then make a resolution to focus more and more upon how you can expand this gift, this consciousness, this beingness of a soul’s joy of finding its home and true purpose with the Father and the radiance that the Divine Love awakens in the soul as to your true inheritance, and who you really are.

Open up your eyes that you may see. Open up your ears that you may hear. Find your voice that you may speak. Touch with Love. Know the Divine Love. Embody It and let others see what this Great Gift is in your lives that they may want It also and you can readily receive.

We, who are growing in our numbers strong, day by day, will come and share and work through you, as you become vessels of the Light. Know that it is not you, but you getting out of the way to allow the Love to come through and shine forth. Many great things will be done in your lifetime if you consciously embrace, believe, be transformed and become. In being, you are. Be in the Light and Love and you will be very happy, very wise, very fulfilled and know the satisfaction of a job well done.

I am your sister in the Divine Love, Mary, the mother of Jesus, a redeemed soul because I made the choice, as well, to be redeemed in the Love. Come to know our Father and be a son and daughter in the Light. God’s Love and Peace be with you all.