Feel the transforming grace that brings peace to your troubled hearts and souls. Feel the transformation that allows the uncertainty of worry and troubles to dissolve in a peaceful contentment. I ask you each to make a resolution to more fully rededicate yourselves to the Lord, our God. I ask you each to let go of the fear that kept you encumbered of the troubles of this earth life. I beseech you each to ask for the help of the Father’s ministering angels here, to have you allow your souls’ qualities to come forth.

Be guided by your spiritual endeavors, which in the end, will allow those things, more pertaining to your earthly responsibilities, to be resolved. You will know a state of being free from worry and anxiety. You will dwell in the kingdom. Your footfalls upon this earth will be light. You will see more of a flow happening in your lives. You will be attuned, in harmony with those things that flow to you in a state of grace.

The Father sees and knows all of your wants and needs. He has seen into your hearts and will allow you to be released from the shackles that have kept you bound. You will not descend to these depths of despair that you have in the past.

Trust the Father, His love for you and goodness. Now, I will allow Michael to speak, for he is here, too.

My love and blessings, I go. I am your sister, Mary.