I am here, Barabbas.

You know me from the story told of Jesus on Calvary. Yes, I was the one who was spared. Though I was not a religious person, I did learn of the Love of the Father through Jesus. I am one of his followers and a dweller in the kingdom. I want to share with you that I felt no pain in being spared over Jesus. I did not even know the man. All I knew was that yes, he must have done something to have so many people scorning him. I was only happy to save my own self.

However, the thing about this Love, the thing about it that makes it so special, is that it gives you so much joy and hope. It is not to say that the natural heavens are not a happy place. Yet, you see, I came to a point where it was more than just what the pleasures that were being offered, any material comfort, any stimulation of the senses. It came to the point where I had to question my existence. I had to ask ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What is the importance of my existence?’ ‘Who really cares if I breathed my first or last breath?’ I do not mean family members in all their different makeup and the ties that bind in a family way.

I am just here to say that there is gratification in having children. However, beyond that and the responsibilities of having a family, what is my purpose here to make it worthwhile that I will even walk the earth, let alone the existence in the spirit world? The many years have stretched before me in that existence. I had to ask, ‘Is there more?’

When you finally get to the place where you are asking, ‘What more is there?’ You finally meet yourself and see that if you are just a man, a person alone, that does not have much comfort. When I began to ask, ‘If there is a God, who is this God and why would He care for me and my existence?’ That I could be up to being in a space of being receptive to truly start to know what this Love is. How it changes you. How it molds you and shapes you. Any crookedness that was in you, any dark place within your soul, anything about you that you’re ashamed of, any wound in you that has been festering in pain and neglect, any hate that has been nurtured, any evilness — This Love bathes and soothes and loosens the claws that hold on to perversity. It heals you. It brings you soothing balm. It comforts the pain. The cause of anguish stops. You are cared about. You are given value.

You begin to see your worth. You begin to understand that you are more than who you thought you were. You begin to understand that there is a great Love that is here. The gift of an even Greater Being who cares about your suffering, who has been calling to you for many years, even though you did not know how to listen or how to speak the words. You may not have even known what prayer was, but something in you yearned. That something being your soul, that true part of yourself, that knows right from wrong. It knows when you are on your way home and that peace that I have spoken of, that sense of belonging, that joy you find yourself irresistibly attracted to, to wanting more.

Then you come to long and understand and be guided because you have opened up to understanding that it was more than just you. There is a whole fellowship of family that is here. That’s been on a journey that you have been on. They want to show you the way along the road and avoid the pitfalls. Yet, sometimes there is a perversity in man that says, ‘I will do it on my own even if I go through the pitfalls!’ So, you stumble along a little longer. Until you get up and start understanding that it does not have to be all pain, all suffering and misery.

I am here to tell you what an awakening and a coming into the Light, what a transformation this Love has brought to me and mine. Once you have enough of this Love, you know it to be your own. You know that it is not going to run out. The Father has more of it for you — It’s like a hunger that you never get enough of.

Yet, in the getting, there is satisfaction in knowing that there is relief. You are being satisfied and nourished and groomed. How special you are being treated and nurtured. There is growth and there is more. You are truly becoming this wonderful person you have always wanted to be and more because you count. You have finally come home and you truly understood who you are. There is a great family here waiting to get to know you.

I am a part of that family. Yea, though I may have been a sinner, and all of you in your own way are sinners, take heed in understanding this. The Father loves you, despite yourself. Even though you may have been troubled in the beginning, know that there is salvation for you.

Even on this plane, you do not have to wait until you drop this “coat of flesh” and come over. You have so many opportunities that I wish that I had. I almost missed out or at least I thought that I missed out. It was in the passing by of someone and just taking them for granted and not seeing what was really there, that I fooled myself. Do not fool yourselves into thinking this is trivia, because it is not.

This is the most important thing there is. This is the most important bounty there is. There is no gold, no jewels, no treasures that are more important than this Love, which far outshines any treasure.

Come to know what we talk to you about, when we come to you and pray. We pray to receive the Love of the Father. We also come to join you with us because we have so much to do, so much work to do. The Father has so much treasure here for us. There is enough for all. Do you understand that, ALL. As many billions of us, as there are, billions and billions and billions. I know, Kelly, zillions. As many of us as there are, know that, if we exercise our free will and be open and ask to receive the Love, there are those many mansions that are available. Can you understand that? That and more, that and more, come to know who God is. Come to start on this exquisite relationship that is like no other you have ever had. Trust in that Love and you will never be disappointed. I know I am not. I wish for you to know this joy.

I am grateful to be able to speak. I thank my Heavenly Father for this opportunity. I am your friend, Barabbas, a follower of our master, Jesus the Christ and dweller in the kingdom.

Thank you.