I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus. This is an opportunity for you to meet with loved ones. Let me just share that there are many here who see this as a unique opportunity for growth for you and many others. Do not be afraid to use the tools that have been given to you. It will help your soul, as well as theirs find solace during this opportunity to share the Love. Do not let fear keep you. You are surrounded by many ministering angels who will be with you and aren’t limited by so-called “time and space.”

Know that the growth available to you will be a healing balm for everyone. There will be no lack of opportunities to share. Your soul will be healed of some deep wounds that you carried with you. May you be blessed and lightened in your journeys.

We will stay close with you and impress you with what to do as you find the words of being the beloved, brother carrying the word of God with you. Rejoice in the Truth and allow it to be so. You will feel and identify the presence of both of your parents as they seek to understand better the roles they play in the Divine Plan that the Father provides for each of us. Your soul being in the lead and following your guidance that is provided by the Father will not falter.

Let go of any thoughts of guilt or regret. This is not to say that there aren’t things that we might have done differently. It is to say that if you want a deeper level of understanding and soul’s growth, ask for mercy. Ask to be shown the Truth. Ask to be guided along the way. The answers that you seek will be dropped in your lap.

With my love and blessings, I am your sister in the Divine Love, Mary, the mother of Jesus and a sister in the Divine Love of which we all do are part in spreading the Truth of the Love that is open to all. We welcome you and many more in this endeavor.