I am here, Autumn. As you were feeling a healing, there are many spirits who are here to help assist and comfort. What would help, most especially, in seeing how grief blocks you from what you want most is to see what you do have the opportunity to do. Not, just for others, in comforting them, but also for yourself in remembering that you each have a limited time on this plane. Your purpose here is souls’ progression. You have made the commitment, not to just to individually progress, but to share it with others.

You must know that as contended as we are, in the Celestial Spheres, we have the loving work of assisting other souls, be they cloaked in flesh or existing in the spiritual world, regardless of the planes, to come in harmony. You who are equipped with so many tools have seen so many things changed in your life by the Love. I am sure you are aware the healing that took place between you. That did not happen alone. You were guided.

Thank your Heavenly Father for His Loving Mercy and what He provides for you. I want to say at this time that there has been a shift in the energies here. It is more focused and directed in the cohesive consciousness of united progression and unity. Do you not feel a lightening of the burdens in your souls?

What love the Father has for us. What insights into who we really are to individually, as well as collectively provide for us. Do you know how easy it is to forget, as you have at times lapsed? Yet, how much love and mercy that you are able to get back on task and feel the Love and see and know that you’ve not been given up on.

Yes, you have seen the operation of your free will and how far you can go with it being out of harmony. Yet, with Divine Mercy intercepting, you’re shown how to get back on the path, again. Perhaps you ask for help and it is given to you. You wish to grow with the Love. You wish to understand this life and the next. Reaffirm your connection with the Father and the healing power of prayer and you will never stray, but continue to accelerate and grow. Yes, even beyond that of your fathers’ and those before them. Yet, how loving and special the Father is to us. Regardless of the rules, the compensations, the individual and collective lessons we have to learn.

Your feet are planted firmly on the path. You have a direct influence on the design of your life. Ask that your souls and wills be subservient to the Father’s. He will provide all the necessary tools and guidance that you seek. Answers will be given to you, if you are open to receiving them. You will have no need to fear being lost or distracted. You will find that comfort that comes knowing whom you really are.

Your relationship with God will flourish, as you come to know Him, as I and many more are. You will seek to change the world that you exist in by spreading the Truth of that relationship – Not by someone thumping on a pulpit. Not by someone condemning and threatening. Not by any sort of cohesion. You will know the Father and joy will be in your lives and continue to be in your lives.

This is not to say that you won’t be met with challenges. The makeup that you have here invites adventure. What I am saying to you is that you are not alone and have many helpers. Call upon us. We are here and ready to assist. Not only those of us who have left their mortal bodies behind, but those who are still upon this earth, clothed in flesh, with whom you have a relationship to. Yes, you have a choice in the cultivating of those relationships. There are many here who wish to comfort you and love you.

Know that your Father, Ralph is being provided for. You will understand better in a shorter period of time than you think. Give your love and know that you are a beloved child of the Father. God’s Mercy and Love be with you.

I am Autumn, a true follower of our master, Jesus the Christ and a beloved son of God, our Heavenly Father and member of this beloved family, as well. Be in the Love and know that we hear your thoughts. God’s Love be with you.