The Love of the Father is very potent. Give thanks. When you are reading of the humility of Jesus, what needs to be understood is that your soul, as it progresses closer and closer to God’s Fountainhead of Love is so awe inspiring. We are so taken by His Love for us, there is no place for arrogance. His Gift bestowed upon us, takes on a more significant part of our existence. I guess for an analogy for you, it might be, as if you were walking along a deserted highway, and saw a tiny speck on the horizon that might be equivalent to your experience of what you now encompass as feeling the Love. Yet, for us, that speck on the horizon has engulfed us, molded us, and made us at one with It. So, there is nothing that we don’t see, but through the eyes of that Love encompassing us.

Whereas, this may not quite be a practical analogy, yet it gives you some idea of the scope of what we experience, as there is no thought we hold that isn’t a part of being in that grace, in that experience, and in that relationship with God and His Love. Nor do we desire any other.

So, if you can see this as an opportunity for you to be made and molded into the substance of His Love, and be grateful for that experience, for there is no higher fulfillment for you, then you would begin to approach a consciousness that would allow you to begin to have a glimmer of the experience of what it is like to be immersed in this Love. It is a very potent Love, as I have said. Our Father loves us, dearly.

You with your free will can change your consciousness. So, that you walk in the footfalls of Jesus and you take on the Christ Spirit to begin to change your thoughts, your words, your actions, how you perceive each other and your interactions with others. You may begin to fulfill the consciousness, as well as the legacy of your soul in being made whole and complete and the kingdom being manifest here in your existence, here and now.

Understand that the very air you breathe will be changed. It will be rarified, as your soul awakens from its slumber. I use that word slumber because so many, many, many of you are only sleep walking. Too many times we come and through praying with you, you are awakened. You slowly drift off again, into sleep walking. You’re not fully being aware of how precious your souls are and allowing your soul to lead you in your endeavors.

So, I share this with you, for you to ask, and I do say ask. Ask God to make you more conscious of who you really are so that you come to know us and come to know yourselves. Remember, it is for the asking. Be conscious of the thoughts you hold and give more time to prayer and being At-One with our Father’s Love.

Praise be to our Heavenly Father. I am your sister and friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus.