We each have a responsibility to come to know our Father and take responsibility for our souls’ relationship to God. There is no one who is entirely separated from his soul, though there are those, who upon finding this added gift of the soul, are at a loss in what to do with it.

I am here to share with you, aside from it being the true person and the seat of all desires, it is also a task for those who pass over to rid themselves of those earthly appetites and learn to use their soul’s perception and those things that are of the spirit world.

One may ask, “Why now and not later?” My reply to that is, for the short time that you have here on earth, and the bombardment you have, in terms of your responsibilities to make a livelihood and also those things that give you pleasure here on earth, you must be aware that they are of a temporal condition. As such, once you are removed from those influences of this world, yes, it will be easier to drop those habits you have formed on earth. Yet, how much stronger and faster will be your progress and the will to relinquish those things that are only of the earthly or animal appetite -Because you, as a spiritual being, have a natural need to know whom your Father is and why you are here. That desire to go back to the Father, to know your Creator, becomes a stronger and stronger inclination, as the time grows when you are to cease this life here on earth.

Now, I know for some of you that may be when you have the “proverbial one foot in the grave.” Yet, for others, those who actively pursue nurturing their souls’ development, how much easier the transition is from this life to the next, especially when they are openly living in both worlds. You also have the opportunity of not suffering the cleansing that so many souls face when it is proven that the balance of their desires have been of an earthly nature versus a spiritual nature.

I am only bringing this up for you to understand that the soul’s nurturance is just as important as the earthly water, air and substance that you give to your body. Though that frail body will someday cease to exist and return to the elements, your soul will continue on.

There are those who will say that yes, the soul is composed of material and that is true, in terms of your soul having a spirit body. However, the essence of the soul is spirit. Though you are made in the image of the Father, if you wish to progress to His Heavens, it is taking on the nutriment of the Divine Love. It is that Substance alone that will make the difference in where you turn your attention. Also, when you pass over, the balance of where you have stored your treasures will be more pronounced. The inclination to satisfy those needs that you hold as your treasures will be the influence that you allow upon your selves by those who help you towards that inclination or the so-called, “higher calling.”

Yes, what I mean by that are your steps down “the natural path” or “the Divine path,” as you have free will activated here, as well. Though, more compelling for you each should be the knowledge that your spiritual home is determined by the condition of your soul – Whether you will be in more light, or more darkness, is entirely up to you. The determining factor is what you do with the knowledge given you.

Yes, no one is compelled or forced, even though they may feel compelled or forced by their parents. Yet, I am sharing with you that there will come a time where it won’t matter who your parents were, or your teachers, or your siblings, or spouse or religious leader. Every one of you will have to stand alone, at one point, and there, reap what you have sown.

This isn’t said in a way to cause you alarm, but it is a reminder, a friendly reminder to you that there is more here than meets the eye. It is also to say that you, yourselves will determine where this road leads you. If you ask for our help, it will be given to you. Therefore, it is much easier to help you now than when you drop this “coat of flesh.”

So, consider that the habits you form will be imprinted for a lifetime. Even those souls, as you know, who are blissfully happy in the sixth sphere, come to a point, in their existence, where they ask, “Isn’t there more than this?” Yes, those are the times when they remember what they were taught as young children, by their parents of how much the Father loves them. Then, they commence to remember that there was a purpose that their souls reveled in, that gave them hope, increased their faith and widened their perspective on their very existence.

So, I share with you, make this time count. It will accumulate and propel you on to a higher and greater calling. We are here to assist you in this and more.

God’s Mercy and Blessings be with you each; I am your brother, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.