I am here you sister in the Divine Love, Martha – a true follower of our brother Jesus in the Divine Love. I know that you had expected to hear from Mary and she is here. But it was decided that I will speak to you.

So often we have come to these prayer services to share in partaking of the Divine Love with you and we are not disappointed. What I have come today to share today is this – a deeper understanding of your soul development as well as a potent inflowing of the Divine Love will be yours if you align within yourself the understanding that you are a vessel to be filled with the Father’s Divine Love. Let go of your ego, let go of your minds concept of what this love should and should not be. And just ask to be filled beyond capacity with this Love and you will experience a more radiant experience of the Love. For in you letting go, of your minds concept of what this Love should be, you free yourself to experience more soulful realms of existence. I say existence in that you undergo a transformation that has a profound affect on your soul and you rid yourself of those thoughts that have been distracting to you and have blinded you to a true reality of the Love. So many times there is interference from other spirits who wish to distract you from your goal. I am here to say that it is not necessary if you believe of the Father’s Love will find a way to root out those things that put in a compromising position. The Love will fill you in such a way that you are no longer hungry for those things that you thought would satisfy you. For your appetites will be transformed and those things that are earthly bound will not satisfy you. For you will have perfected a taste for the Divine Realms. And this is good and that more and more you allow your soul to exert an influence on earthly matters. For your soul knows and hears the call of its Creator. And your souls longings that have gone out have been heard and that greatness that you pursued will not be founded upon those things of the earth but those things of the soul and of spiritual significance. Go directly to the Father and get your answer on those matters that have troubled you and you will cease to be shackled by the opinions of those whose minds are caste in iron on the material. How often you have thought and how often you have been disappointed has direct bearing on your minds concept of what your ego thought what was meant, what was truly meant to be in terms of your souls prosperity of growing in the Divine Love.

Do you know the meaning of true wealth in this treasure? For it is a treasure that makes everything of the earth insignificant. How rapidly you progress had a direct bearing on where you put your time and as you seek for more of the Divine, the opportunities will increase to bring about those conditions and you will be influenced by those souls who have that as a priority. Stay in good company and understand that to the degree that you look back and question why there is a degree that you aren’t staying focus on your true purpose. Ask for mercy to be invoked and give love and forgiveness to those who you feel have trespassed. I ask that you do an inventory and ask for a healing on those things in your makeup and your history that need to be resolved so that you have a stronger foundation in having the Love more prevalent in your lives. There is no need to continually look back and wonder why for you have received the answer now. Here is where we have much work to accomplish. Share this truth and make it your own that you may know and feel the greatest of the gift that is here for you each. I am your sister in the Divine Love, Martha – sister to you all and a welcomer of a harvest being sown by our brother Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens. I leave you.