I am your daughter and sister, Marcelena.

It is so wonderful to feel the Love here. I am happy to be with you, and pray with you and witness the growth I see happening in your souls. Yes, it’s important for you to understand, those disharmonies that you harbor, those unresolved conflicts. Ask for mercy, for the Love to be with you in helping you resolve that. Resolve them, you must. The Love will bare anything that is not in harmony with the love. It will be brought forth. If you wish to progress to higher spheres and enter the Kingdom, you must resolve these issues.

Where there is hate, animosity, conflict, ask for the Father’s help in resolving that. One of us will be sent to impress you with what you must do. Ask for mercy to have your heart open to forgiveness, to forgetfulness, to the Love. Have rather Love, be in your heart than anger, frustration, guilt, unworthiness. Be worthy. Be humble enough to know that you cannot do it on your own.

To understand that I, myself, have had to understand and forgive and to be overcome by the Love to be here today. I wish for you to enter the Kingdom and to be uplifted and experience that joy here on the earth plane. You must find this within yourself. It is not through pride or a self-righteous stand that this will be accomplished, but by humility and knowing that no one does it alone. You are in good company.

Call on the Father for help and hold a sincere desire for change to take place. (Change being the law eternal in the universe.) Ask for a healing, knowing that there will come resolution. Allow this healing to take place. Allow yourself to open up to the Love. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a more humble, harmonious situation. For the lesson will keep coming up until you look at it, examine it and resolve it. Those things that keep entering your lives — the same arguments, the same conflicts, the same road blocks, will keep coming up because the Love is dislodging it. Once it is dislodged and faced, and accepted as being yours, have the good sense to ask for mercy. Know that you need help. Otherwise, it would not be repeating itself.

Know that you need to let go of your pride. It is but a small thing to do, for in its place is so much relief and freedom and joy. The Love will heal you. The Love will open you up to the lightness. In the Love, you will have understanding. You will unburden yourself. For this is what mercy does. Ask for mercy. Ask for guidance. Be open to the Love.

See yourself and others, before your very eyes, becoming transformed because you will have changed, as well. Things will not look quite the same, as they were, anymore. You will have a different point of view. You will see both sides of the situation — not just your side, but the other person’s side, as well. With this coming forth, with this understanding, with this resolution for the highest good to happen, you will have a small lesson that you have learned and accomplished and remembered and understood. On this journey that you have taken, this education that you have begun and this lesson that you have learned — That every footstep you go forward, every footstep you have put on the path to Love, you will find more doors opening to you. You will see that it wasn’t just you alone, in these endeavors. Know that you have been supported, sponsored, as it were, coached and applauded along the way. For in you doing this, you are learning the lesson. You are understanding. You are allowing the soul to take precedence over what your mind thought was how to formulate the situation. Your soul will be in the lead. For your soul will want to be in the truth and is allowing the rest of you to integrate the lesson. Accept it and be in the Love.

Now this may be hard to conceive of, but trust me. Try this in little things and you will see what I mean. I could give you some examples. This not to put you on the spot, but a small example is, for instance, from time to time there has been posturing on the right and wrong game. I will not say names. However, I am sure you will understand. Try to see the other person’s point of view, to understand where they are coming from. This will give you a bigger grasp of the situation. For it will allow you to remove yourself from the situation. To stand apart from the situation and find out what is really going on here. “Is this really so important? What is the lesson to be learned here? Is it just you and that other person involved? Are you being also influenced by those influences that would have you in conflict rather than in the Love?”

Call on us. Ask for help from your angels. Ask for help from your spirit guides. Pray to the Heavenly Father to ask to receive His Love. Understand that once you have a healing and resolution on the given situation, and know the truth, you will be shaken, shaken to your very core in realizing that.

How easy this is and how much loved you are and why have you put yourself through so much torture, for so long, when it’s always been right there in front of you, anyway? The blinds that have been in front of your eyes will fall. Open yourselves to the light. Open yourselves up to the joy. Ask that your souls’ perceptions be increased to truly hear what we are saying to you. This is much easier than you think.

This is but a small step in the beginning. The scope of the Love before you and to be attained is magnificent! Enjoy it. Praise the Heavenly Father for His great opportunities in giving you this lesson and for you being able to hear it. Heed what I say. There is so much more to come and more before you.

I love you each. I am your sister, friend and daughter, Marcelena. Feel the Love. What a joy it is to be a devoted daughter in the Father’s Kingdom and follower of our dear master, Jesus the Christ. I want my family to know all of these joys. I hold my hand out to each of you, to come forward and know that you will be welcomed in the Love.