If you truly wish to be a redeemed daughter or son in the Divine Kingdom, share your love by embodying it in all aspects of your lives. What does that mean? In the Love, accept yourselves and your imperfections. Give your love and in giving your love, receive more.

This does not mean conceit. It means to see infallibilities and in accepting them, asking for mercy and help in changing those things about you that keep you from being in the Love, that keep you from accepting yourself or others because you put up defenses.

Let the offensive front of you be loving. Let it be offered, not forced. Be an example of the Love to yourself. In being embodied by the Love, you will regenerate. In this metamorphosis, the doing will become being. Let your thoughts turn to God and all things will follow. As you stay centered in this Love, you will move out, beyond the scope of what is familiar, and go into uncharted territory.

Pray to be surrounded in the Love and see the new faces you encounter. Through eyes of Love, this rapport will make connections with those who are seeking the Truth. It will also make you more aware of the spiritual nature of man because this will be the lightening rod that will attract souls. I am not saying that you will change overnight, but I will say this to you. If this is the reflection of Love that is embodied from within, It will exude out and be felt by others. You will see that you will not be satisfied with anything less.

What I am sharing with you is the scope of all the possibilities and more if you would but open up and be an embodiment of the Love. What I am sharing with you is to trust. What I am sharing with you is that your life is not your own. What I am sharing with you is pray and come to know your relationship with God. In this relationship, you will not be as you were. It will be too uncomfortable for you to go back into your old habits. What I am saying to you is that every breath you take in and exhale out, will be an exchange of the Love. What I am saying to you is that your taste will change so that you become a new person. What I am saying to you is it’s now, not tomorrow, not tonight, but now. The choice is yours. You have planted your feet on this walkway. You have been on it for sometime. Open up your eyes and ears and acknowledge that you have arrived. The next step is up to you. The Father is very patient with His Children and loves you, nevertheless.

Be in the Love. I am your brother and friend, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.