The blessings of the Father be with you. I am your friend and brother, Jesus. Yes, I have many stops to make along the way. The souls of man are crying out to the Father to be heard and acknowledged. I am here to share with you that this is a time for preparation, a time for reflection, a time for renewal, repentance and forgiveness. There are many times when your souls are aspiring to be in ascendancy over your minds. This is happening for longer and longer periods. Yet, the will of the mind is strong. As you ask for more help, which you need to, as you pray to receive the Divine Love, you will find that the mind will acquiesce to the soul. Your thoughts will be more pertaining to those things that will allow you to be more in this world, rather than of this world, as you see and have a greater perspective on what your role is on this earth plane.

You asked to create a healing sanctuary. A healing sanctuary begins within the temple of your soul and how you direct that soul. In the light the information you already have, how nurturing for your soul to want to commune in the Love and want to join other souls in this endeavor. The time of prayer and thanksgiving will be more focused if you prepare yourselves, not only in what you can receive, but in what you can contribute. It is through giving that you receive. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. Also, be prepared to receive it.

The temple of your soul is a most suitable receptacle for the Divine Love. For this Divine Love to grow in your souls and see manifested more in your lives, be more aware of how you interact with others. Be aware of the thoughts and words you hold fast to. Be aware of what is influencing you in your thoughts, actions and deeds. Be also aware of the unfoldment of the soul.

The Divine Love attracts, as well as repels. It attracts those things more in keeping with the Love. It repels those things that are not of the Love. It, also creates in the universe, through the Law of Attraction, a beacon for other souls to be attracted to you. As they are attracted to you, be aware of where you hold your thoughts, of what importance you place upon your actions for that day. Are you prepared for the Love and open to receiving It? Are you preoccupied with worldly things that make your attention more closed? Open your ears to hear when we are in your presence. Be open to the influence of the Love and you will be drawn to more things that are spiritual.

Do not negate your responsibilities and obligations, in terms of how you live your life. Also, be aware that this is far from the sum total of why you are here, who you are and what you are becoming. Be aware of the souls that come to learn of the Truth. How much time is spent in prayer and aspiration and things that will embellish and enrich the state of your soul’s existence? How much time are you giving towards educating those souls who most need assistance? What examples are you setting as you walk upon this earth? Are you in the Love or finding yourself falling short?

Ask for mercy and forgiveness to remember your purpose. Ask for assistance from us. Know that as you pray to receive the Divine Love of the Father, the Force Field of Light and Love is strengthened. You are more inclined to do, think, and act as a soulfully, inspired, disciple of the Lord.

Let go of the harshness of judgment. Allow yourself to be open to the aspirations of the soul that wish to be transformed into the Divinity of the Christ Spirit. The Father will send the Holy Spirit to pour forth Its Love into your soul. You will be more inclined to remember your relationship with God and the higher aspiration of your true purpose, here. This is but a temporary place and your time is limited.

How will you leave a legacy? What will its contents be? Will you shine forth in the Light or succumb to the confusion of darkness? Ask for assistance and it will be given to you. Ask to be shown the Path. It will shine forth before you. Ask to be a receptacle of the creative force on this plane and in others, of being an instrument of the gracious, Divinity of Love – The soothing balm and purity of the soul awakening to God. Be a receptacle that springs forth in joy, harmony, laughter and light. You will be more than happy and welcoming of those tasks and challenges before you.

You will go in the Grace of the Father. Your footfalls will be light and full of grace. The burdens of this world will cease to have an impact on you. You will be cosseted and protected in a sphere of Divine Love. Understand that these treasures that I mention are of a nature that is Divine and have no bearing upon the material inclinations and allurements of this world. Understand, also, that as you, as a transformed being in the Light, open up to hear the Truth and Knowledge of the Father’s Divine Love, you will see, speak, think, and do those things that are in the Love.

Those lesser qualities, rather those limitations of the body will cease to have as strong an influence on you. By this, I mean that you will be less inclined to sin and more inclined to choose those things that are loving. This is not to say that you will not be aware of the sins in this world. However, you will be more inclined to put forth a nature of a divine
transformed soul of the Father to dissipate that darkness out of your lives. You will let go of those patterns that keep you from fully coming into your full potential, manifested here and now. So, be open to the glories of the Father. See yourself as worth. Humbly, ask for help and assistance. You will be shown the way.

The blessings of the Father be sustained here and the healing of the soothing Balm of His Divine Love and Mercy. I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, a transformed soul in the Father’s Kingdom of Light and Love.