Sometimes, we wonder at the formalities. Yet, in the Patient, Loving, Acceptance of the Father, He shows us how to let go and allow your free wills to create rapport to share with you tonight.

I am your brother and friend, Melchizedek. How is it that for all the love and potential in this world, we take so long and fill ourselves with so

many things, that we forget what the One, True, Balm for our hunger, our pain, our loneliness is seeking first the Father and His Love? How easy we forget. Yet, when we come to this familiar area, our souls rejoice, for the soul remembers. Is this not the welcome mat, as you enter into what is your true home? Do not your souls revel in the Glory of the Light as it shines forth to share? Is it not that part of you that cries out to be understood that wishes recognition, which says, “I am here!” “Can’t you see me in my struggle?”

We wish to be cherished. We wish to be suckled in the Love – Embraced by the loving arms of Love that give acceptance and have no judgment.

How long ago it was and yet, it seems like yesterday, the scourging of the flesh. I say scourging because while you may not see the wounds on your body, your soul has been inflicted with many thoughts. Those thoughts have left wounds. Every time you lose your temper, every time you hold a thought that isn’t in love to another, every time you hold back your love, that is a wound upon your soul.

How much easier for you it would be if these wounds were seen upon your flesh. You would take the time to clean the wound, to apply a salve, to put on a dressing, in order for it to mend. Yet, how many thoughts have you stabbed upon your soul today? How many times have you let a thought escape or directed a missile, as it were? How many times have we watched and allowed injustices?

Pray for mercy. Ask for forgiveness. Send your love to so many who seek recognition, who need your love, who wish to say that, “Yes, it matters.” You are connected, though you may not know each individual. You are connected. It is not us against them. It is we who have yet to be recognized by we who are awake.

If you stub your toe, does it not hurt even though it is some distance from the head yet, you recognize that as a part of yourself? This is a small though imperfect example. Yet, it is part of the bigger organism of the souls who need to be At-Onement. Yes, with the Father – Connected to the life force that it emanating from every soul whether they passed this veil of the earth or in the realm of the spirit. We are connected, from the deepest hells, to the highest heavens. The Source is waiting.

The Father knows each and everyone of us. Know your love. Know the Father. Keep not His Love from you. Honor the Father by receiving His Gift and be transformed by the Love. Allow the Love to find lodgment. Allow It to prosper. How alive you become because you become more of who you really are. Your soul quivers in ecstasy with the Love. It resounds through you and propels you on to that greater side of you that knows and grows and understands. In this Love, in this moment, in this Love, how much real you really are. There are no closed doors here. Everything is there to be seen. You are At-One with the Father in the Love. Don’t close yourself off and forget.

Stay At-One, expand and walk a different walk. Let not your fear keep you from the rewards that are yours, if you stay centered in the Truth.

May God’s Love and Wisdom keep you open to being here now. The Love does not leave. You choose to close yourself off when you are not feeling the Love. Remember that.

I am your brother, Melchizedek, redeemed son and joyous follower of our master, Jesus the Christ. The Heavenly Kingdom is yours. Stay in it. There is no need to go backwards. Humbly ask for assistance and it will be given, as well you know.