I am here, your brother and friend, Jesus.

Yes, you will come to know that your soul will be transformed. That transformation will be reflected by your ceasing to take offense at the minor irritations that now bring about a response from you, in such away, that the emotions overtake you, in a negative situation. You will also find that the most important thing for you will be your connection to the Father and maintaining that connection.

You will cease to be concerned about any situations of chaos around you. This isn’t to say that you will not be aware. It is to say that your focus in the Love will be so strong that it will have a calming effect on those who are more preoccupied with feeding the situations that are the development of focusing on the negativity and disharmony that energizes them.

You will also find that the Love that is taking over more and more of your soul, will be so palpable that the very atmosphere will be imbued with this Love. You will carry this Love with you wherever you go, in all situations. It will influence your outlook and your command of a situation. You will also be connected in thought, speech, and action by this Love. You will be at such a oneness, that it will be “second nature” to you.

You are more conscious of what you put out in the world. Your thoughts will be focused on the Love and doing the Father’s bidding. Your actions will not be those of an unconscious person having to make excuses for their resultant outcome of their words and actions. You will be more purposeful in your dealings in the world and what you share with others and in the Love, that is a direct result from your soul communing with that of the Father. You will know and be secure in the knowledge of the Father’s Plan of Salvation.

You will not hesitate to welcome and embrace, with open arms those who seek to know more of the Father’s Kingdom. You will be a voice that will be supported by many legions of angels carrying out the Father’s Wishes. This voice will ring with authority.

You will know that those tentative steps that you made, so many years ago, were on the path that leads you to a fulfillment of experiencing the Kingdom, here and now. Not when you drop your “coat of flesh” but in the here and now. You will also be in a condition to witness, first-hand, the company of souls who are assisting you in this endeavor and feel a more direct connection with the Father.

You will acknowledge the importance of you being a possessor of a transformed soul in the Love. This will be more important to you then you have ever imagined. It will occupy every waking hour of your existence.

Be in balance with those other aspects of your life and your relationship to God, as well as being an example for others. You will have a more loving and forgiving heart that will fully respond to the plight of your brothers and sisters. There will be humility. There will be kindness. There will be gentleness. There will be a longing to increase the manifestation of the Love with everyone whom you come in contact.

These are but a few things that will be the outward signs of showing you the transformation of your soul into the Father’s Oneness of Love, All-Encompassing Love. You will experience the well-being in the joy of salvation. You will become an example of the fruits of that transformation in the Love.

Be in the Love. Thank your Heavenly Father for His Sharing of the Wealth of the Kingdom with all who ask and truly desire to be At-One with Him.

I am your true brother in the Christ Spirit, Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens