I am here, Melchizedek.

Acknowledge the goodness that is here. Thank your Heavenly Father for that. Acknowledge His Love in your lives. You are each getting a healing. Ask for mercy to be bestowed upon each of you. Sometimes, lessons are harder than they have been at other times. Through slowly becoming able to see the other side, to just step back and look, this is good because you stop working on just the habit or impulse. You started following issues and watched your thought processes behind it.

I am acknowledging this with you because you need to understand that you are not standing still. Your soul is going through a special time. This is an important time for you because you have the opportunity to be seeded with new thoughts. You have done much pruning, even if you have not gotten all of the roots out. You have created enough space, that you are open. This is good. There is also the ability here for you to see and speak to more people. But first, you must communicate and understand yourselves. Ask for our help. We desire that you not hesitate to ask for our help. We will be helping you to become more accepting of each other and who you are. This accepting is creating a space where you are open to new friendships and also greater heights to soar in Love.

Feel the Love. Open your hearts to it. See the beauty that you have here. Acknowledge the Love. It has taken root and it is beginning to flourish. It is important for you to acknowledge this Love for you to be able to be open and ready to receive more. I ask you to totally accept this.

Know that we love you. I am your friend and brother, Melchizedek.