I am here Abraham Lincoln,

This is the first time I have come to you. I need to share some of the understandings that I have now that could possibly help you at this time. I know the blessing of being a father and having little ones. I know the strain that can happen when we allow them to get the better of us. Yet, understand that these minds, these inquisitive little minds, so long for the Love. Yes, at times, they do not know what to do with themselves. Yet, if you can stay focused in the Love, you can get above and beyond their antics. Eventually, they will come to understand, that it is the Love that draws them here.

The example that you have set, they will act, accordingly. Consider that, next time you are perplexed with the unsettledness that sometimes happens during these services. I also wish to share with you some of the thoughts and the love, that I have come to discover in this Divine Love.

When I was a mortal on earth, I was perplexed by a great many things, the love of my family. Well, as you have read from the history books, I was not so satisfied in that relationship with my wife. Yet, she was a good person in her own way. I dearly loved my children. Yet, I also had a greater responsibility, in terms of shepherding, what I thought were my fellow brothers and sisters or my family during the great divide that happened in our country, during the Civil War.

What I have come to understand is so many good people died through misunderstanding, in terms of feeling that they were in the right. What I have come to understand is this, you must remove yourself. Stand back to be able to observe what is really happening. Sometimes, it is taking yourself out of that situation to fully understand what is happening in the hearts and souls of individuals. I come to find that there is a feeling of betrayal on both sides. One faction thought that I should be faithful unto them, despite the growth that I had, in terms of coming to understand my fellow man better. Yet, there was another part of me that did not want to look at and acknowledge what I felt was an utter nuisance. I felt it could be pushed aside until a less officious time for it to be dealt with.

Yet, I also had my conscious to deal with. On a matter of a soul level, I could perceive that I was not always in [harmony with] the great Golden Rule, in terms of being the best I could be and who I wished to be. In this self betrayal of the truth to myself, I had a great failing, in terms of my heart. My heart that wished to be a beloved son of God. In this failing, I betrayed many who followed me.

I say this to you, for you to understand this. Your relationship with God must come first. In this, I know to be true. The times when I let myself be overcome with doubt and fear and influenced by the hate of others, were those times that I thought myself in the most grievous despair. I am sharing this with you for your to understand that whatever may be happening with the outside world, if you hold firm to the Love of the Father and believe in the faith and the love that you have, you will eventually come about to realizing how to resolve those issues that are in front of you.

Of course, it wasn’t until I became a spirit and came to hear of the talks that were happening with James (Padgett) that I began to understand that there was a greater love than what I had heard from the Bible and stories that I had read to me and which, as you know, I being an extensive reader, myself, was able to discern.

Yes, I had a love of God, but it was no where near what I now know. I cannot undo the past. However, I have influenced a great many while being here in the spirit world, in terms of having them see that it did not matter who they were or the color of their skin. Yes, even I had to have an awakening there.

I am ashamed to say, that much of it was motivated by political means, in terms of my Emancipation Proclamation. I share this with you for you to understand that I come to you out of respect of one soul trying to teach many others. Seeing the frailty and the folly of the human nature, yet I also see the soul that is there and the beauty in the Love that is shining.

This is what you must keep in the forefront. This is what you must focus on. This will help you grow and be able to meet the demands that will be before you. There will be many, many who will challenge you. Yet, you need to understand that you must be strong in the faith and strong in the Love. I am saying this to you to prepare you for the many things to come. I also ask you to be focused and true to your word and your commitment on doing the work and the prayer. It will lead you to much happiness, most especially to the souls that you influence.

I ask you to pray for the fervent prayer to the Father to come to know Him and experience His Love. I ask you not to waver in this task before you. Many have been asked, few have followed through and yet, I have a sense here, that there is more to you than meets the eye. Within this modest home there beats great Love here and the spirits will hear. You do not have an inkling of how many spirits are here. You have created a congregation here, though your eyes and soul’s perceptions are not quite developed to fully see the impact here.

Please, please try, with a fervent endeavor to complete this work. Know that we will be supporting you and influencing you. I ask for you to have a stronger heart, in terms of those things that would sway you. I also ask for you to be more gentle with each other for them to see a reflection of the Love made manifest in this home. How would they know it to be true, even though you say it and preach it, if it is not really so?

Continue to raise this atmosphere of Love. Let it abound, most especially during those times when you are most tested. For that will bring about a condition for allowing the precedent to be set and opening up to a new way of handling those conflicts before you. Unsettling as it may seem, those tiny steps, in terms of your thought patterns, and your desire to do the highest good, will grow mountains, leaps and bounds, in terms of putting you in a spot of progression. I mean this from the bottom of my heart, be in the Love and see everything unfold before you. You will truly begin to experience more and more the Kingdom of the Father here on earth because it is a reality. You can become a part of it, but you must have faith and believe in this.

So, you have been at the portal. You have stepped through the doorway. You have come a few steps. Come more into the Light. See the Love that is here for you.

I will come again. Understand this with tenderness and gentleness of heart. I am your friend. Indeed, I am your friend. I am Abraham Lincoln.