I need to you understand that when we pray with you, we transcend this earth plane and go into the Celestial Spheres to come as close to the fountainhead of the Father, as possible. These are our souls’ aspirations and longings going to the Father.

So, as you pray to the Father, envision your prayers being lifted and sent directly to the Father. It will help you. It will help you in many ways. Yes, you are communicating with the Father and being conscious of that fact, it being a privilege for you. Your soul will get a response. Believe in the response coming as you take on the Love. Fully feel the Love. Being in the Love. Understanding that in that Love, you are taking on the Essence of the Father.

Now as varying as the amount is of the Love that you take on, also be aware that if you wish to sustain this state of Love, then ask for it to be sustained. Ask for more of that Love in your life. Take responsibility for what you need to do to have this state of being, this existence in your consciousness more and more. If this is what you truly want, then it will happen. It is not you passively allowing this to happen. It is with you consciously taking an active role in your relationship with the Father. Take responsibility for the condition of your soul and its nurturance.

You have everything you need. You have been instructed. There is nothing we have left out for you, save the effort on your part in asking for help. You cannot do it alone. Ask for help and a renewal of your faith. Watch doors open to you. You will see reflected in your thoughts and your actions a more perfect, brighter continence will shine inwardly out for you. There will be much peace and joy in your life.

I say this not for mere words, but as an actual fact. It is up to you. We have said this to you before, but that is the truth. Ask for your will to be in accord with that of the Father’s and you will see a great change here. It is only when you assert your will, not in harmony with the Love and you go back to your animal appetites, that you find disharmony. That is not to say that the animal nature, that you have was made in disharmony. It is only through the exercise of your appetites and the degree that you let them influence you, that you will find yourself in a greater state of grace or not.

So, I share this with you for you to understand that there are going to be degrees of love, degrees of joy, degrees of utter contentment in your life. The choice is yours. I ask you if you will each make a sustained effort to pray to receive this Love. Keep each other in check when you are out of harmony, not in a condescending manner, but in a loving fashion. You will see a greater joy and happiness be in this home. There will be more appreciation and less condemnation of each other.

I share this with you for you to begin to see that if you wish to become the divine angel, then you must be conscious of your words, your actions and your deeds. This is not to stifle you in who you really are. It is only to say be conscious of what you put out. Yes, you will reap what you sow. Yet, be conscious of what you put out. How are you adding to the degree of love here? How are you taking it away? How are you being open to the Love? How are you denying the Love? You are either open to the Love or you are not.

Be aware of the choices that you make. We will try to influence you to the higher good. Listen to us. Heed what we say.

With my love and blessings, I am your brother, Jeremiah.