I am here, your friend and brother, Joseph. Give your love to the Father and come to know him. What does that mean? Yes, the Father has filled you with His Love. Yes, you have acknowledged Him in your lives.

What would it mean for you to fully give your love to the Father, being totally satisfied in the Love? We know that you have come a long way in your progression and that you are receiving healings. Take the time to pour out your love and the desire of your heart to the Father. He knows so much about you.

In comparison, do some housecleaning. What are your feelings towards the Father? What love have you made manifest? How has this affected you? Where do you see yourself in the future with this?

I know there are times when you feel that we are not giving you much peace. Yet, these are the very times when you need to open to the Love and seek to know the Truth.

There are many mirrors before you, reflected in the faces of your fellow brothers and sisters on the path. Yet, when is the last time you gazed lovingly at the reflection of yourself in the mirror? What purpose, in this life, are you being responsible for?

I only share this with you, at this time, for you to make a more foc used approach in how you are manifesting the Love. How you are seeking to grow in that Love? Yes, it is good to receive the Love and to be transformed by the Love.

What thoughts have left you now? How is your life different from before? What direction would you like it to take? Do you want others to participate in this?

We, who have seen how far you have come, see where you are, and have an inclination of where you are going, we would like to share healings with you, on all levels. Then you to be able to start actualizing the work and Love that is being given to each of you.

We know you. We see your goodness and the potentiality of the soul. I ask you to fully come into your own. Accept who you are and your purpose here. Let go of those thoughts of how it was supposed to be.

Let go of those thoughts of who you thought it was to be with.

Allow yourselves to acknowledge where you are now. It is from this point, of where you are, that you will seek to manifest where you wish to go and are becoming. There are so many here who are waiting to assist you. Yet, at the same time, mercy is being invoked. If mercy were not being invoked, you would have a hard time coming to this point in your lives.

Grow in the Love. See who that is beyond the physical structure of the body. Experience each other on a soul to soul level. You will be amazed at what acknowledgement there will be in this household when you come from that state of consciousness and commune with others.

Many things will be brought about. Do you think that we will allow you to flounder in this state of your progression? No, we will not. What we will say to you is to be open to hearing what we have to say to you.

Trust that it will be understood.

Those barriers that your minds set up will be thrown out by the soul.

Your soul is conscious of its true self and its rapport with the Father and us. So, trust in this being accomplished. Know that we love you, support you and will be influencing you.

Stay in that Love and feel the joy that is here for you. This is but a small token of the bounty the Father has in store for each of you.

Seek the Love and all else will follow.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Joseph, the father of Jesus, and a redeemed son and brother in the Divine Love and Happiness of the Kingdom, the Kingdom which is open, ready and waiting.

I bid you welcome.