We are more demonstrative then those who have come before, in terms of wanting to make a deeper impression upon you. This is not to try to force ourselves upon you, but we are so thankful to make a connection with you. So, I want to give thanks to God at this time for the privilege and honor of having an opportunity to communicate in this fashion.

I was not what you would call a prayerful person when I was in the flesh. Yet, I knew of God and I had been taught but did not necessarily carry those teachings over into my adult life. Yet, when I came to the spirit world, many things came back to me, including the recollections of being taught how loving and merciful God is.

Although I suffered for a time from a number of mistakes that I had made on the earth, (I take full responsibility for them.), I must say that I was so happy to find, right here, what had been standing in the way of my receiving mercy and forgiveness.

Pride can keep you from much grace and healing and love. It was as if there were an impenetrable wall that had built up around you. No one is let in who may cause a crack in the veneer of wanting to be right, even though you may have felt that you made a horrible mistake. Yet, hiding behind the well- used mask of this cellophane, fallible, masquerade is what kept me from truly experiencing and expressing myself in a fashion that would have made my life more happy, real, and satisfying. It had also kept me in a state of thinking that I knew better than anyone else where I was going and what my goals were.

So, it made it easy to deceive myself into thinking that it did not matter those whom I hurt through neglect and ignorance in return for the short-term satisfaction that I received. The balance did not weigh-in, in terms of continued satisfaction.

At the end of my life, I found myself feeling very hollow and remorseful and believing that it was too late. But, some did come to me and were able and persistent in terms of having me begin to listen, understand and not strike out at those who only wished to help me. I was in a state of darkness and as much pain and sorrow as I was in, I still had pride. For, that was the only thing I had to draw nourishment from or so I thought.

Well, as I began to, what I thought, “weaken” by beginning to listen to those who had come to help me, I found out that there was pain that I had carried around for a very long time. It had to do with thinking I was stronger by not showing my true vulnerability and how scared I really was of love. Yet, in awakening to that fact, I had a true opening up of tears of joy and anguish that was finally emptied. It was such a torrent that I could scarcely believe that I had so much inside me that had been so longing to be released.

Yet, I still found out that despite this miserable position I felt myself in, I could be accepted and valued and loved. So, what I am here tonight to say is, ‘Understand the Grace, Forgiveness and Mercy the Father’s Divine Love has for you, myself and anyone who honestly and earnestly seeks for It.’

It is such a wonderful “Sigh of Healing Balm”. I am so very grateful for those beloved friends, (I call them friends, now.), who took the time to have me really trust enough to ask for help and find that plea was answered.

I have so much joy, satisfaction and Love in my life now. It cannot even begin to compare to the meager, hoarded bit of satisfaction I thought I possessed when I was a mortal in the earth life. I am richer, by far, for having found the Father’s Love, which my soul is blessed with now, in so much abundance. The joy is more than one body can measure over many, many lifetimes.

So, what I wanted to share was that you have such a Great Love that you and these souls here are coming into. You will marvel that you can contain yourself with not only the satisfaction of experiencing this Love, but the Great Power and Wisdom of our Creator, who cares so much for us. He offers even more as we honestly seek to come to know and draw closer to this Love and existence that has been created for us.

So, I say, ‘Do not take for granted this Great Wealth of Love.’ You have this opportunity to open up and lay bare your soul to the Great Almighty. To be blessed and touched by His Love is more than anyone can ever imagine. Be strong in your faith. Continue in the Love and in doing this work. Know that you have many others, including myself, who will help assist, guide, and share with you much in His Love and Mercy. Know that this is open to all, all of us. It will never cease.

I have been instructed to draw this to a close. So, I will share with you that I am truly grateful for this opportunity and the blessings of the Father in being His redeemed son in His Divine Love.

I will sign myself, Jeffrey H. Thank you for this time and sharing.