I am here, your friend, Melchizedek, a true follower of our master, Jesus, the Christ.

Lift up your hearts and feel the Divine Love that is present. It is such a blessing. It is what you have sought and have in more abundance than you know. Drink deeply and know the glory of the Father’s Love that is here for you.

We have come such a long way, in terms of watching you progress. You are filled in blessings today, in so many ways, which the Love is being made manifest. You are consciously, collectively participating and contributing in this Love. This is good. The force field of Love is strong here. There is a desire, a deep desire on all of your parts, to fully participate in this Love. On this we are most happy and give thanksgiving to the Father.

I ask you to remember to what you have committed. Know that we will be open to help you in the exercise of expression, in carrying out the work of the Father over this weekend. I ask you to remember to seek openly the Love and trust that it is what is needed. It is what is being asked for, for so many souls who are endeavoring to know the Truth. Do not be afraid to share what you know. Know that are family grows and our Father is pleased.

With my love and blessings, I am your brother, Melchizedek.