I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus.

I wish to add to what my son has told you. Mothers can be overprotective, at times. Sometimes, it is very hard to let go. I know. I had to understand what my son was doing, at the time. It took some years for me to come to fully understand the life that he had chosen. If you can come from that perspective, in your relationship with your mother, that will help you in terms of coming to her as an equal. It is not in terms of her giving something to you of what she may not have gotten many years ago. It is in you respecting the equality you have. This is not to say to be caught up in any “dances” that may not be beneficial to either one of you. It is to say, know when to set limits. Be open to the possibilities of a new era in your relationship, in terms of communication, understanding and compassion.

I urge you to come to know who you are and the path that you wish to lead. Set an example. Do you have any other questions?…(none asked)

I have seen the interaction between the two of you, especially during those times when it is adversarial. There seems to be a belief present where there is a violation of trust. I wish you two would discuss that. You are more alike then you think, despite your different approaches.

I ask you to get back to that part of your relationship that had the wonderment. Then you will view each other with new eyes. Letting go of an expectation of who you thought the other was, you will learn to appreciate each day that you have together. Hear me beyond these words. Each day that you have together, let it be as a new dawn. You are impacting more than you know, not only upon each other, but on those around you, including those spirits that cling to you.

Ask for mercy. Be willing to know the truth and not be afraid to hear it.

Is there anything else you wish?

Not now…thank you.(response)

With my love, I leave you. I am your sister, Mary, who loves you each.