I am here Jesus:

Do you know what it means to have the opportunity to carry out the Biddings of the Father? I know there is a concept, by some, where they think their free wills are no longer theirs and to be absorbed into the great Oversoul of the Father is a kind of slavery. What I am saying to you is this. Your uniqueness takes on a different manner of expression because in the connection with the Father, you better understand what it truly means to be a redeemed soul in the Light. There are no apprehensions. There are no missteps. It is a matter of you allowing yourself to let go and allow the Father. This brings about a whole new freedom. More so than you have ever known. It is a joyousness of spirit – This Love, the freedom of expression that you have never dreamt of before.

Too many times, when we feel we have been asked to take on another responsibility, it is not looked upon so much as a gift, as a burden. The Father does not ask us to do anything that would be considered more than we could obtain. You must understand that we have the support of many legions of souls to assist us in carrying out the work of the Father. Whereas, it may be a personal task to each individual soul, yet, we work together as a team, with the assistance of the Father, to help bring about the necessary results. To the degree that you are open and responsive, is to the degree that your involvement in this endeavor is brought to fruition.

I share this with you for you to know that there is no passive stance here. I also bring this to your attention for you to understand that we go to each individual soul. Each of you has your own unique talents. We encourage these talents to be developed. There is not uniformity in this, as some have talents that others don’t. This isn’t to say that one is better than another. It is to say that each individual is developing along their own unique patterns. When I say patterns, I mean those aspects of their soul that more readily respond than other aspects, in terms of being brought more to the forefront for their utilization. This isn’t to say that some are lacking where others are better endowed. It is to say that those of you who have the free will and are ready and willing get a greater response than those who may not be quite as willing. So, keep that in mind next time you wonder why another and not you.

I am also sharing this with you for you to understand that this fellowship of souls, we have, is a blessed union. The Father is having us groom you. In this grooming, there will be things that will be brought to light that you may or may not be willing to face about yourselves. To the degree that you are willing to face these aspects of yourselves, is to the degree that, not only you are ready to master a particular lesson, but you are ready to have revealed to you, a greater talent that is underlying it.

As we help sweep away the debris that keeps you hidden from yourselves – I say hidden from yourselves for the particular reason that you do not really know who you are in all of your beauty. As you keep these facades in place, for fear that it may be revealed to you or have shown to you, a belief that may not be in the truth, to that degree you are stuck.

So, what I am sharing with you is this. There is risk in facing the truth. However, the greater risk would be to stand still and allow yourself to stagnate. Whereas, with trust and faith, you are set free, even if it may be from a false illusion that has no basis in fact.

So, what I am sharing with you is this. Come into the Light and face yourselves and truly know who you really are.

It was a journey I had to take myself. Whereas, I had some advantages you do not, yet it is the same journey for each soul in their coming closer to the Father. No one has the right to stand between you and your relationship to God. We, who come to visit you, have free will, also. So, it is a conscious choice by us, that we deem to spend time with one versus another.

The Divine Love guides us. We come to those souls, (not just those that need help), but those who we see, can by certain proddings, be able to mainfest a joy and talent that they were on the precipice of wavering, as to whether or not it would be so.

How many of you are willing to go forward? How many of you are willing to step back in fear and allow that to keep you from the riches of the Divine Love that are yours for the asking? We knock on many doors. Yet, few answer the knock.

We love you each. As you can open your eyes to the ties that are the same versus emphasizing your differences, how much more easily there will be a stronger network in bringing about the Salvation of Mankind, which happens on an individual basis. Are you ready for your own salvation? Are you willing to find a greater happiness, peace and joy despite the manipulations of this earth plane?

Reflect on what I have said to you. I will come again. With the Father’s Divine Love to brighten you and for you also be to aware of how talented and strong you really are, face the Love that is for you and reflect that Love in all aspects of your lives.

I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, redeemed son of the Father and Master of the Celestial Heavens.