I am here, Monica.

You wish to know the path to the Kingdom of the Father. Well, it will be well served, if during the time of prayer, you envision your message going straight to the Father. It will help you in your communication to the Father to know that he hears your prayers.

You can envision the Love, which, by the way, surrounds each and every one of you. It’s but for you to open up to it. Open your eyes on a spiritual level to receive it. It’s your free will and your choice, in terms of opening up to the Light, opening up to the Truth. Otherwise, you can put on that overcoat you wear of doubt and fear and unworthiness. You will keep the Love from absorbing into you making you stronger, and more whole and more beautiful. You have a free will, you know.

As one who has gone along this path, I want to share more with you. I want to share that you need to get into a mind set of “Not just what is better on this earth,” but what is better in terms of the nourishment of your soul. What would you be like if your soul was truly in ascendancy over your mind? Consider if your soul took precedence over the limitedness of your mind, (that mind that fills itself up with such idleness). Your soul, which is made in the image of the Father, well if you solidify that into the pure Essence of the Father, imagine what you’d be like. There would be less disagreement. There would be less bickering and arguing. For you would know the Will of the Father. You would be that wonderful person you know yourselves or wish yourselves to be. You would be all that you really are.

Well, how would that feel? How would you react in situations that get you upset, now? Would you really have arguments over the silly things that you argue over? Would you really talk to each other in the way that you talk to each other? Would you see each other more in a light of gentleness? To be revered as someone special? Would you regard each other as you do now? I don’t think so, because you would not take each other for granted. You would look upon it as being your duty, not only to transform yourselves by the Love, but to assist others in seeing the Light of the Love to create that greater harmony you wish here. Yes, the way you do this is by you, yourselves changing and being transformed. You set the example. You become the first to make that greater risk. You become the one to truly engulf yourself in the Love.

This is a new year for you. Yes, you want to cleanse your body of those excesses that you have partaken in over the years. How about allowing your body to reap the benefits of this Love that we have talked to you about? This transforming Love that would not only help your soul and your continence and fill you with a lightness, but it would also help you.

Let go of those cravings that you have for things that don’t really fill you up because you still have the craving for them. They never seem to satisfy or they satisfy for only a short amount of time. When you feel those cravings, why don’t you just pray to receive more Love? See how that affects your diet. I guarantee you. There will be more smiles in this home. I guarantee you. There will be more laughter in this home. I guarantee you.

You will look in the mirror and start to fully appreciate, respect, and love yourself, again. You will be in a relationship with yourself that has an innocence and a brightness and an opening up of all the possibilities before you. It will be a brighter future that you see versus one of ‘Oh gee, what next will befall me!’ That will not be the thoughts that enter your minds. It will be more of a space of ‘Praise God for the joy and the wisdom and the light and the beauty that is in my life!’ With more acknowledgment and more thankfulness, you will be opening up to receiving more. For in the message from Ann Rollins, do you not recall how she said, “The Law of Progression allowed your soul to seek more of the Love…And no, it wasn’t that she wasn’t satisfied with what the Father had already provided for her, but it was also the anticipation of there being even more of a bounty for her, and more mansions being prepared, as well…”

Well, I must say, there are more mansions being prepared for you, even now as we speak. As Jesus told you in a previous message, “We can create mansions here, as well.” Through your prayers, through your goodness, through your thankfulness, be aware of the creative power of thought. Be aware of the creative power of words. Be aware of more optimism being here versus pessimism. Be aware of the Laws of Rapport and Communication. Be aware that we hear you. We see what you say and do and how it reflects upon your soul. The conditions of your souls are not hidden from us. We see the light, as well as the dark.

I say this to you. If you wish to be the bright beacons of light and love that you aspire to be, and be in our company even more, then see yourselves as the angels you wish to become. This is not said to you in a huff of vanity. This is said to you for you to begin to see with your souls’ eyes of who you really are. Look for the goodness. Look for the Love. This is not to say to be blind to what is disharmony. It is only to say that you need to encourage each other. You need to praise each other. You need to see each other in Love and touch in love. That will set an atmosphere of nurturance and more prayer and more love and more joyousness and happiness to create this Kingdom here on earth. This will truly be a sanctuary of Love.

I will come again. In the meantime, I am your friend, Monica, a redeemed follower of the master, Jesus, and inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom of God’s Love. I welcome you each, and will welcome you sooner than you think. Thank you for allowing me to speak.