My love to you, I am your brother, Jesus. Know with the Love your soul expands in the Love, glows with such a bright light. Yes, take in more deeply the Divine Essence of the Father. The expansion of your soul in this Love is unlimited.

It is so good for you to come to know this welcome sharing in the Love, this feast before you, this banquet being laid, the joy. There is so much more in store for you. You are learning, with this expansion of the Love in your soul. You are exploring new levels in the joy that is here in so much abundance. It is not to be compared to any past experiences or endeavors. It is for you to know and to trust. More Love than you could have ever imagined is possible for you. This is only one stage in your development.

You have so many souls who wish to share and learn of the Love. You are such a good indicator of that Love. They are in awe of the changes that have abounded in your soul from where you were to where you are.

This, to them, has been an example that there must be something to this for they see the changes in you.

It goes beyond the scope of those things you have mastered in your mortal existence. Your soul is showing such an increased emanation of the Love. They cannot resist coming, learning and asking questions.

This is good.

Won’t you spend more time nurturing your soul and encouraging others to love as well. The Divine Love, of which we have spoken, is waiting and ready when you are.

If you can see yourselves with the innocence of a child who has just discovered their first day at the beach – Partaken of the warm sand, the frosty coolness of the water, the sea, the gentleness of the sun in the sky and the peaceful serenity of being there; you will have a small inkling of the comparison of the soul who is ready and willing to accept.

Feel our love. Know that we are supporting you, that you are growing. We encourage you to grow. We are growing as well. The Father and His Love compels us to progress closer and closer to Him. We thank Him.

I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens. The kingdom is upon you. Go in the Love.