I have come because I have heard your thoughts. I know that you have wondered about me. I am here, C____, your old friend. Let me share this with you.

I would appreciate you sharing with my family, how I am and for them to know that I have made a big leap in my spiritual progression. I am in the Second Celestial Sphere, now. I am really happy being here.

I know that I had some doubts about leaving my children behind and I was concerned for them and the grief that they had, most especially my son who was driving. I want them to know that I, also had to look at my responsibility on issues. I know that with the base that I have given them, being grounded in the Love, that they will do well.

I also want to share with you some things. I know that sometimes it is hard being a mother as well as having your own ambitions for yourself as an individual. The best thing that you can do is what you are doing now, in terms of sharing the framework of the Love with them. They are able to explore the Truth and come to know who they are really and to feel the different expressions of their soul development. They will also improve their relationship with the Father.

His Love is so exquisite. There is nothing to compare with the Love and the friendship and the belongedness I have. For such a long time and in all my travels, I always wanted to have a sense of belonging and to feel the comfort that was not quenched for me in the loneliness.

Well, I have been soothed. My loneliness has left me. I am so joyful now that I just wish to share with you that if you will continue in your endeavors to pray more, and take on more of the Love, then there will be more happiness and harmony here. You will better appreciate the circumstances that you have and the opportunities you have been given.

I just thought I would let you know that so you don’t make some of the mistakes that I made. I did not share with my own children, how much they were truly loved and appreciated as much as I would have liked. I think that may have been some of the pain that was experienced by them, in terms of my passing. Not to say that they were not loved, just in terms of saying they were just beginning to develop their identities more and become more sure of themselves. In that sense, I would have liked to have stayed longer.

In terms of them and their relationship to God, I would really like to emphasis that you encourage each of your children to go to God, especially if they meet situations, either with you, another parent or individuals in their lives, where it is not always in harmony. They need to understand that the Father never lets anyone down. They need to establish that relationship with God, which will be the beacon for them during any possibilities of interruption or a “curb in the road”.

So, I am just stopping by to give you my love and to tell you, as I said, that I am well on my way in progressing in the Love. Oh, yes, I have met B__ and he is a kick! Yes, we were friends before, but we are having even more fun, now. I say this for you to know that we do have a sense of humor on this side. Yes, I am happy and joyous. I would not come back if I could. I have finally gotten to see your son, Autumn. I must say that he has grown quite a bit since the last time I saw him. You should be proud of your children, all of them.

Stay in the Love. We will be in contact with each other, again. I am your dear sister and friend, C___ or as we used to know each other as, C___ South signing off to C____ North.

(Note: Initials were used to protect the confidentiality of existing relatives.)